Digital Billboards Get Attention !!!

Whether in the rural outskirts of Montgomery, AL, the suburbs of Dallas, TX, or in downtown Atlanta, GA, reveal the pride, the passion, and the support of national sponsors and community advertisers with a dynamic & interactive video scoreboard or billboard.

Better Content = Better Sales

Our easy to use software makes it simple to change your LED sign messages. Importing videos, pictures, animations and graphics is as easy as attaching to an email. No complicated resizing or editing necessary.

Brand Control

You have complete control over the content and your company’s image to the public, whether it’s one location or one hundred. Optional Cloud-based controls allow you to change your sign content when inspiration strikes, and to ensure your brand image is properly presented regardless of where you are.

Scheduled Messages = Results

Advanced scheduling features also allow day-parting and automatic rotation of groups of media files for targeted campaigns. Different times call for different measures and messages, make sure your sign speaks to the morning, afternoon, and evening audience with targeted content.

Conditional messaging

We support a scheduling platform that allows focused advertising efforts with conditional messages that only play when select conditions are met. Cold in the morning? Make sure people know about your hot coffee or heater services. Hot in the afternoon? Showcase A/C units or cold drinks. Pre-schedule the conditions and content so your display does the extra work of matching content to the environment. Proactive, not reactive marketing!

Superior Support

Our displays are fully supported by US-based factory technicians and your local rep.

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Outdoor Digital Signage Gets Results !

These are just a few of our happy clients that are enjoying the benefits of LED Signs

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Harness The Power Of Digital Signage

Research from the Small Business Association states that word signs only
attract about 5% of the passing mobile market.
This means that only 5% of the people driving up and down the road in
front of your business 24/7, are going –
– See You
– Recognize you
– Know what you do

Studies also show that a high quality Full Color LED sign will get
the attention of 90% to 98% of the passing mobile market.

  • WHY LED signs are a better investment compared to other forms of media.
  • HOW we can help you determine the proper size and solution for your location.
  • Typical messages that increase awareness.
  • Peace of mind with our 5 yr Comprehensive Parts Warranty.
  • Optional Cloud-based software that works for your entire staff anytime, anywhere, any device.

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