Educational Digital Signage  Gets The Message Out !!!

An Outdoor LED Sign plays a significant factor in communicating events and information to students, parents and staff and the community. Allow us to find the best LED signage for your needs and budget. 

Easy Programming

Our user friendly software is as easy as sending an email. Import videos, photos, animations and graphics without complicated editing or resizing.

Ultra Durable

Our entire system is designed for durability and long life. Our cabinets are built to withstand all types of weather and avoid fading, scratching or cracking. Our LED modules are vandal resistant with high impact louvers over each pixel. The internal electronics are built to perform in a wide range of conditions and our power supplies are conformally coated to extend life and minimize maintenance.

Simple Secured Communications

Whether you need to use fiber optic, ethernet, wireless, or cellular data – our system can flex to suit your location’s needs. Connect with the sign over a secured network with user-defined and controlled access. Connect with the sign over a secured network with permission-based and controlled access allowing various groups, teams, and individuals to collaborate on content and authorization/control granted through a primary sign manager/authority.

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Outdoor Digital Signage Gets Results !

These are just a few of our happy clients that are enjoying the benefits of LED Signs


Harness The Power Of Digital Signage

Research from the Small Business Association states that word signs only
attract about 5% of the passing mobile market.
This means that only 5% of the people driving up and down the road in
front of your business 24/7, are going –
– See You
– Recognize you
– Know what you do

Studies also show that a high quality Full Color LED sign will get
the attention of 90% to 98% of the passing mobile market.

  • WHY LED signs are a better investment compared to other forms of media.
  • HOW we can help you determine the proper size and solution for your location.
  • Typical messages that increase awareness.
  • Content packages
  • Peace of mind with our Comprehensive Parts Warranty.
  • Optional Cloud-based software that works for your entire staff anytime, anywhere, any device.

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